Currently reading Animal Farm by George Orwell. I just started but I’m liking it so far! Will post a review soon. Fun fact: George Orwell’s birthplace in eastern India is to become an official Ghandi memorial sometime soon.

“Well … when …

“Well … when I went up to Madam Pomfrey to get them shrunk, she held up a mirror and told me to stop her when they were back to how they normally were […] And I just … let her carry on a bit. […] Mum and Dad won’t be too pleased. I’ve been trying … Continue reading

So over the weekend I had a random slam poetry spree

Not writing, this time, but listening. Two of my favourites: “Shelters” by Michael Lee- “To JK Rowling, From Cho Chang” by Rachel Rostad- Slam poetry and free verse poetry are some of my favorite genres of poems being both raw and impacting, and soft and subtle. I can only hope to be able to create … Continue reading